Running Stack 52


  • CONTAINS: 52 exercises and drills for runners including 8 Pre-Run Joint and Muscle warm up exercises, 8 Running Fundamental drills, 8 Agility, Balance, and Coordination drills, 8 Running workouts, 7 Running technique drills, 5 strength and conditioning exercises for Runners, and 8 Post run stretches.
  • RUN FASTER AND FURTHER: Improve your form, technique, efficiency, and power. Each drill has illustrated instructions. Scan the QR code to watch a video of Certified Running Coach Angela MacAusland explaining and demonstrated the drill.
  • RUN WITHOUT PAIN: Learn proper form, technique, warm up, and cool down to run efficiently and effortlessly without harmful impact, stress, or pain.
  • MAKE RUNNING EXCITING AND FUN: No more monotony and boredom. Use the cards to quickly create running workouts that are fun, unique, and will make you a faster and more efficient runner.
  • 100% MONEYBACK GUARANTEE: If you don’t LOVE Running Stack 52, we will give you your money back, period.