Mike Volkin

Founder of Stack 52

Mike Volkin got his Bachelor of Science in 1998 and his Master of Science in 2000. Mike served as a Sargent in the US Army from 2001 to 2009 and was awarded the Army Commendation Medal for the exercise and diet programs he developed for the men. Mike has authored 5 books and started multiple companies. Mike is passionate about fitness and loves playing tennis. Mike lives in Santa Rosa CA with his wife, two Labrador retrievers, and three cats.

Kurt Boyd

President of Stack 52

Kurt got his BS in Mechanical Engineering in 2004 and his MBA in 2012. Kurt has been passionate about physical fitness and exercise since he was 13. He believes the body and mind are inseparably connected, and physical fitness is absolutely essential to happiness and success. Kurt believes the purpose of life is to become your best self and use your best abilities to help others.

“There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche 


Denise C

Amazing Work-outs with Kettlebells!

I started working out about one year ago. I was introduced to Kettlebells and really enjoy using them for strength training. I did not know a lot of exercises with kettlebells and wanted to learn more so I could work out at home, as well as at the gym with my trainer. …

Product: Kettlebell Exercise Cards


M. Carreon

Deck Goes Beyond Expectations

I wanted to expand my exercise routine but I can’t always recall which ones to do and didn’t want to spent large sums of cash on DVD sets. Nothing against DVDs but they become redundant and boring after a while. I also want the muscles not to become complacent as its the same movements, no changes, …

Product: Bodyweight Exercise Cards


A. King

Adds a fun twist to working out. Try the app, too!

This is a great idea to add a fun and challenge to your workout! I get bored easily, especially with a repetitive workout. These help mix things up. When they arrived, I went through every move, watching the video for each for proper form. I’ve used them a few times since and I enjoy them….

Product: Quick Sweat Fitness Dice



Love this product

Love this product. I’ve always been involved in fitness at some level. Either at the gym, running, hiking, or skating at the park. My career has eroded into this over time, but until about a year ago I hit the gym for at least an hour 4 or 5 times a week….

Product: HIIT Interval Workout Game