100 Push Up Variations

100 Push Up Variations Strength Stack 52PushXproDiamondWide ArmSlow NegativeSide to SideStaggeredOne FootHinduFeet Elevated on BenchIncline Bench w/Knee RotationBeyond the RangeT-Push UpLateral Plank WalksBand ResistedPushXproClapperSlow MotionTricep ExtensionBeyond the Range w/ Feet ElevatedLeaning TowerIncline BoxSide TapHand TapShuffleIncline DepthLeg Kick OutWalking JumpOne Foot Elevated on OtherIsometricAlternating Knee TapShoulder TapSpiderman w/ PushXproLeg Twist w/ PushXproLeg Tuck w/ T-Push Up Using PushXproSpiderHalf BurpeePyloBand Resisted w/ Feet ElevatedChainSit ThroughPlate LoadedRingSliding ForwardDecline Swiss BallGrasshopper PositionCircleArcherCrossed Forearm to Tricep ExtensionThigh SlapChest TapCrucifixFinger TipMedicine Bar 2 ArmScorpionPikeLateral Pylo on PlatesClose Grip Pushup to RolloutDumbbell RotationSliding LateralSuspension StrapWalking GeckoFeet on KettlebellsRenegadeUchi MataJack KnifeDragon WalksOn Hand on Medicine Ball w/ PushXproOne-Leg w/ PushXproOne ArmSide to Side Pylo on Med BallChain with Feet ElevatedChain w/ Feet Elevated on Bench & Hands on KettlebellsSingle Inverted KettlebellDouble Inverted KettlebellModified PlancheHandstand (Supported)SupermanDiamond w/ Feet Elevated on BenchOne Arm One LegSuspension with a Stability BallFalling and Exlosive ReboundLalanne FingrtipFalling and Flying Superman ReboundSuperman X JumpsFlying SquirrelAztecFlying Superman w/ Hands Behind HeadAztec Cross TouchFlying Cap RemoverPolymetric Sets w/ CombinationsOne Hand ClapMuay ThaiTriple Clap360 Push UpDiamond Hand Stand w/ balance supportFree HandstandTiger Bend WallCorkscrewWall Braced One Arm4 Medicine BallAtomic Using PushXpro